I stumbled upon Fogus’ The best things and stuff of 2017 and thought I should do something similar. Before I pick any favorites for the last year, I wanted to see what type of things I worked on in 2017, so I hit the git logs for a list of all the files that I commited between january 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017. From that list, I aggregated a list of all the file extensions, 14 in total.


  • .java
  • .clj
  • .sql

  • .sh
  • .bat

  • .csv
  • .xlsx
  • .impex
  • .xml
    • data
    • spring.xml
    • items.xml
    • build.xml
  • .feature
  • .project
  • .ini
  • .properties
  • .jar

I have grouped these files by more of a meta type like programming languages or data etc. and separated the xml files since data files are different from ant build files or spring configurations.

I should probably point out that the only reason .feature files are included is because I cleaned up some old Cucumber test expermiments that had been commited in the past.

Outside of Work

  • .clj
  • .cljs
  • .java
  • .markdown
  • .yml
  • .txt
  • .dia
  • .jpg
  • .png
  • .json
  • .html
  • .js

Twelve file types were changed for projects outside of work with 10 of those 12 not part of the work list. I almost forgot about the Clojure Help Chrome Extension which added some of the most common file types around: html, js, and json

I won’t try to attribute any meaning to these lists, but will likely refer back to them when I do the full year wrapup.